Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.
Address 6-7-14 Nishikawaguchi Kawaguchi city Saitama prefecture, Japan
ZIP: 332-0021
Contact To TEL: +81-48-251-3843 / FAX: +81-48-255-4959
Established May 31, 1974
Capital 35 Million JPY (as of December 1st, 2008)
Representative CEO, Hayato Akimoto
Employees 70 persons
Main Bank Musashino Bank,Ltd Warabi branch
Affiliate Company Manufacturing and sales of plastic products.
Medicine, Bio-related and food use plastic container and plastic products are the main products.
Business Description Digital Deign Co., Ltd.

Company History

1974 Previous CEO, Minoru Akimoto who was operating foundry business changed and started the plastic products manufacturing business.
Operated manufacturing molds and casting, main product was industrial parts for cosmetics.
1991 Current CEO, Yuto Akimoto joined.
Promoted the internal rationalization and then restarted the company as casting company.
At the same time, planned and conducted the renewal of facilities.
1994 Received an order for food-related, then conducted the environment organization and 5S activity.
(Number of employees: 15 persons)
2000 Two persons were certified as Special plastic molding technician of a national qualification.
2001 3D-CAD was introduced because orders of three dimensional products increased.
Started the services of product design, flow analysis and mold design with unitized molding technique.
2002 Because orders for bio, dental and medical increased, built a new plant and equipped clean rooms (lass 10,000). Focused the products which required clean environment.
(Number of employees: 25 persons)
2003 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
(6 months from the kick-off. It was the earliest among the manufacturer in the prefecture)
2004 Because orders of product design, analysis mold design increased, established the affiliate company “Digital Design Co., Ltd.”.
Conducted many lectures at Society of Plastic Industry and so on.
2005 In August, two special ordered facilities are newly installed in order to produce medical plastic products.
(Number of employees: 35 persons)
2007 Joined to The Surface Finishing Society of Japan.
Acquired Approvals for Manufacturing Medical Devices.
2008 Certified the manufacturing fundamental technique by Director, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2008 Adopted as a manufacturing assistance project
2019 Obtained ISO13485 certification
2020 Accuired the second-class marketing license for medical devices

Access Map

6-7-14 Nishikawaguchi Kawaguchi city Saitma prefecture, Japan.
ZIP: 332-0021 TEL: +81-48-251-3843 / FAX: +81-48-255-4959

Introduction of Staffs

Hayato Akimoto

1984 Graduated Waseda University School of Law
(Specialty: Civil law and kinship law)
1984 Joined Toray Industries, Inc.
Mainly sales of plastic film for sticky tape, release from mold, print laminate, food packaging, etc. in the Plastic business headquarters.
1991 Joined Shimwakogyo Co., Ltd.
In charge of sales and new customer development.
*Special plastic molding specialist
2003 Appointed as representative director

Ryoji Akimoto

1986 Graduated Aoyama Gakuin University, School of Science and Engineering, Department of mechanical engineering.
(Specialty: Mainly fluid dynamics, industrial mechanics and material mechanics)
1986 Joined Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
In charge of sales of system for manufacturer based on CAD/CAM system. Especially realization of total system for residence, construction and bridge engineering company.
Main customers: SEKISUI HOUSE, Ltd., MITSUIHOME Co., Ltd., KAWADA INDUSTRIES, Inc., etc.
1991 Joined Shimwakogyo Co., Ltd.
*Special plastic molding specialist

Ichiro Nakagawa

1981 Graduated University of Tokyo, Department of Earth Physics
1987 University of Tokyo Graduate Scheel (Acquired Doctor of Science)
1988 Joined IBM Japan, Ltd.
1992 Joined PASCO Environmental Science Institute
1995 Inaugurated CEO of terra, Corporation.
2007 Joined Shimwakogyo Co., Ltd. (Board member)